Luxembourg City Hall Wedding Photographer

Black and white picture of couple on their wedding day

This wedding is one that will be in my memory for a good while. The simplicity and beauty of the ceremony really touched my heart. Their celebration took place in the winter time, in Luxembourg City Hall. Due to the weather conditions, we couldn’t have outdoors pictures, but we still managed to capture beautiful indoors shots.

The spaces in the City Hall located in Luxembourg City Center are very pretty and elegant. The ceremony itself was very intimate, only reserved for special guests and I could tell how loved the couple was by their guests. It lasted no more than twenty minutes, followed by champagne and wedding favours given. The couple had their formal portraits done and a special couple session, that allowed me to make use of those beautiful spaces in that stunning building.

If you would like to have more information about getting married in Luxembourg City Hall here’s a very useful link: you can have a list of documents and more details.

It’s such an honour to have been there for them, capturing these moments so they could cherish them later. I’d like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and wish them all the best in this new life together! I’d love to hear from you every now and then 🙂

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