A little bit about me…

Hey, I’m Marcela, a friendly photographer living in lovely Luxembourg. I’m originally from Brazil, but I’ve spent most of my life hopping around, making the world my home. For eight years, I called Ireland my home, and then, I set my sights on the beautiful Luxembourg. This journey not only shaped my career but also made me grow in ways I never imagined.

I used to be a pastry chef, and I still can’t get enough of baking and taking pics of delicious food. Plus, I’m also a language teacher, which feeds my love for learning new things.

Photography? That’s my thing now! It’s where my creativity runs free. Taking photos is cool, but what I really like is giving every shot my own twists. I love working with chill, open-minded people who want to team up and create something special.

I’m all about keeping it simple. Most of us don’t love being in front of a camera (including me!). So, I make sure our time together is super relaxed and fun.

Let’s work together to capture your best memories, whether it’s about your family, business, an event or just your life’s journey. Feel free to reach out to me to chat about availability and pricing. Your story is ready to be told through my lens.

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