My name is Marcela and I’m a photographer currently based in Luxembourg, also traveling to Ireland from time to time (I lived there for 8 years), and willing to travel in Europe (yay!).

I’m really bad with words, so I’m glad I work with photos! (hehehe!)

Alright, a bit about me: I’m a food enthusiast, passionate about baking, more specifically. I absolutely love traveling and discovering new places, always carrying my camera around! I love reading and learning new things about photography, history, music and a bunch of other things. 

About my work, I really enjoy it! It’s great to be able to capture people’s most important moments and create meaningful images for them. For me photography is a powerful tool to convey a message and to materialise a memory. Photography is full of emotions! 

I really like to make it simple because most people don’t like to be photographed (including myself!). So I try my best to make a friendly experience for them. I can be a bit goofy sometimes! 

Let me help you build your memories and capture the most important moments for you, your family, your business, your life! 

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